MB Roofing: The Finest Kansas City Roofers You Can Find

Are you an anxious homeowner looking for licensed and skilled roofing contractor? Perhaps you’re wondering who to choose from among the immense number of Kansas City Roofing contractors working in your area. If you are, then it’s time to sit back and relax. MB Roofing’s here to help.

Just Who Are We?

Being in the roofing business since 1998, MB Roofing’s purpose of giving homeowners top-notch roofing projects has made us one of, if not the best roofers Kansas City you can work with. While there may be dozens of roofers in Kansas City, not all of them can say that they’re exclusively Kansas City Roofing contractors – and that’s what we are. To us, your roof’s condition is a top priority. When we approach your project, we know that it’s more than just getting your roof repaired or replaced. It’s about ensuring your home’s safety and stability, and that’s something that we can guarantee.

What Makes Us the Top Choice Among Kansas City MO Roofing?

As a leading company among roofers Kansas City, we’ve been in the home improvement industry for more than a decade. During this time, we have accumulated the necessary experience, allowing us to design and implement precise methods and a progressive management system that other Kansas City roofing contractors have tried and failed to duplicate.

Every roofing project requires meticulous attention to detail and should not be handled as though all roofs have the same sets of needs. Hence, when we approach your project we carefully examine each significant aspect through a careful and accurate process and provide a detailed assessment on how it should be tackled.

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What Sets Us Apart from Other Kansas City MO Roofing

Having dealt with vast number of roofing projects over the last decade, MB Roofing has become a leader in roof repair, replacement and renovation projects. As a company, we have been given sufficient time to hone our skills; an opportunity that has gained us an A+ accredited rating from the Better Business Bureau. MB Roofing takes care of its customers, providing high quality results and prioritizing your home’s needs above anything else.

When it comes to home improvement projects, nothing can be more stressful than getting a roof repaired. It’s one of, if not the most integral part of your home and ensuring that it’s in good condition is always a priority. If other Kansas City MO roofing aren’t up to the task then trust us when we say: we’re ready for it. We have created a unique system that has catered to many roofing projects in Kansas City including easy-to-follow, hassle-free and dependable construction management, making our progress not only easy to follow but absolutely effortless in ensuring it’s quality.

Working with MB Roofing

It’s quite alarming how some Kansas City roofing contractors rush their work by not doing thorough research and inspections before and after a project. It’s this sort of negligence that puts your home in jeopardy. Thankfully, with MB Roofing, that’s not something that you have to go through.

By the time you choose us to handle your roof project, we schedule a free on-site assessment of your home. From there, we produce an in-depth project proposal and a firm quotation so that you have a clear concept of how we’ll be working on your roof.

We also set up a meeting between you, your MB Roofing project manager and personal project representative so that you can discuss all the important details needed to make sure that you are satisfied with our plans. This standard-operating procedure has won us a great number of customers, setting us apart from other roofers Kansas City.

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Just How Do We Do It?

At this point, you may be wondering, just what is it that really distinguishes us from other Kansas City roofers. Here are just a few of the things that we offer:

  • Top Experts in Roof Repairs. We are exclusively roofers — no other roofers Kansas City have perfected roofing projects more often than we do. No matter how tricky the requirements are, we will provide the best solution to make sure that your roof is secure.
  • Crew and Client Insurance. Latest legislation demands that all Kansas City MO roofing provide full insurance coverage before they can be licensed. We understand this requirement quite well. Accidents are inevitable and cannot be taken lightly by anyone especially in our line of work. We provide Workers’ Compensation coverage, General Liability Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance in all of our projects.
  • We Value Every Customer. Whether our customers are of middle or upper class, we deal with them equally — the same goes for the quality of our work. MB Roofing is focused on doing the job right — so even if you are currently on a tight budget, our estimators will provide assistance as well as options on how we can handle your project right.
  • Quality Roofing Project. Low-quality roof material is a sin. To us, it’s either we provide your home with top-notch results or we’re taking it as a cue to throw in the towel. From the equipment and materials that we use to the crew members and construction managers that we provide, we ensure that everything is well monitored and of the highest quality. While there may be dozens of Kansas City roofers out there, we can assure you that when we say we’re the finest, we mean it.
  • Complete Client Support. Every 15th day of the month, we check with our previous clients’ roof conditions, taking note of all feedback and suggestions. We never stop from learning — we believe there’s always room for improvement.

We Can Handle your Roof Project

If you think we are the right people to talk to, call us at (888) 380-5605 and we will schedule a free, no-obligation on-site assessment and project proposal on your most convenient time or better yet, simply fill out the request form on this page. With MB Roofing, there’s no other Kansas City Roofers who will value your home more than we can.

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