MB Roofing: The Top Choice Among Roofing Companies in Kansas City

Currently deciding on whom to pick among many roofing companies in Kansas? Believe us when we say that we know precisely how stressful choosing the right roofer can be. As a company that’s been in business since 1998, we know how much competition we have out there, both licensed and otherwise.

However, we can also proudly say that as a company that’s been in the home improvement industry for well over a decade, we know how to deal with roofing projects. To us, a roof is more than just a mere addition to your home and that’s something that a lot of Kansas City roofing companies tend to forget.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Roofing Companies in Kansas City

Roof maintenance can be overwhelming. Nothing sounds more stressful to a homeowner than the need for a full roof replacement. Thankfully, we’ve dealt with so many roofing projects over the years that we’ve successfully managed to create a unique and proven system that has yet to be used by other roofing companies in Kansas. It’s a hassle-free, easy-to-follow method that makes working with and keeping track of our progress absolutely trouble-free. When you choose MB Roofing over other roofers in Kansas City, you can assure yourself that we don’t just get roofing projects done. We get them done right.

Working with a company like MB Roofing also gives you one of the biggest advantages over other roofing companies Kansas City: experience. When it comes to how we do business, we’ve had the opportunity to perfect our skills and methodologies for well over a decade, a benefit that has led to us being an A+ rated, accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 1998.

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How We Approach Your Project

Other Kansas City roofing companies have a tendency to rush their work, without taking the time to do thorough research and inspection. With MB Roofing, however, we do more than just review your home and draw up a contract. When you choose us, the first thing that we do is to schedule and go through an extensive on-site assessment so that we can provide you with a firm price quote and in-depth project proposal. From there, we schedule a meeting with your MB Roofing project representative and project manager so that you can go over the details together and ensure that you’re satisfied with our plans, a style that has yet to be matched by other roofers in Kansas City.

And we don’t stop there! When you allow us to begin on your project, we ensure that all of our crew members are properly authorized and have the skills and experience to work on your home (something that not all roofing companies in Kansas City tend to prioritize). After construction, we even invite you to a final walk-through so that you can assess our workmanship. Other roofing companies in Kansas simply cannot compete with our skills, experience and techniques in the roof industry.

Just What Can MB Roofing Offer?

As frontrunners of roofing repairs since 1998, there are a number of services that set our company apart from other roofing companies Kansas City. Here are just some of the things that bring us distinction:

  • Absolute Roofing Experts. While we also specialize with gutter work, roofing is our top priority. When you work with MB Roofing, you can be sure to expect high quality roofing results that will last you for decades. Among the many roofers in Kansas City, we can say with the utmost confidence that we’re a company that you can entrust with your home.
  • Totally & Fully Insured. Let’s face it, not all Kansas City roofing companies carry insurance policies, and that can be a major cause for concern. At MB Roofing, we ensure your safety by providing a General Liability of $1M, Workers’ Compensation Coverage and auto insurance. While some accidents are inevitable, that doesn’t make them inevitable.
  • Valuing Customers From All Walks of Life. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that certain roofing companies in Kansas City strictly cater to the upper middle class and higher. With MB Roofing, however, our biggest priority is to get roofing projects in Kansas done right, no matter who they’re for. Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean your roof should stay an unattended. We’re sure that we can work out a project plan to fit your needs.
  • A Roof Sure to Serve You Well. When we work on a roofing project, we can assure you that you’ll benefit from the results of our workmanship for years to come. Unlike some roofers in Kansas City, we only use high quality materials and equipment and select only the best crew members to work on your home. We also make it a point to have our on-site project manager closely monitor each crew member’s progress to ensure outstanding craftsmanship.
  • Detailed, Firm Quotations & Project Proposals. Although there are a number of roofing companies in Kansas City that offer free on-site assessments, we go the extra mile by providing you with a firm price quote that details all the costs of the repairs. We also include a thorough project proposal so that you have a complete understanding of how we’ll approach your project.
  • Guaranteeing Your Roof’s Stability. We check with our clients every 15th of the month to learn about your  project’s current condition as well as take note of any feedback that you may want to provide. Perhaps not all roofers in Kansas City provide such warranties, but we do it simply to give you and your family peace of mind.

If you’re still struggling over a roofing project and want to get it done soon, Pick up the phone, call (888) 380-5605 now to request your free, no-obligation on-site assessment and project proposal. Better yet, send us a request by filling out this form and we’ll contact you ASAP! Remember: While there may be a number of roofing companies in Kansas City, roof repair kansas city by MB Roofing’s definitely one that you can count on.

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